I owe a lot of great people my thanks!

----Jordan's team left their all on the field on Sunday. They played hard and held the 1-0 lead for almost 65 minutes. With 25 minutes left in the game, their opponents scored the goal to tie the game --- a shot no one saw coming. In the stands--you could feel the momentum change. Our girls were exhausted - emotionally and physically drained from the hard fought battle the day before. The other team had had a cake-walk of a semi final game, winning easily 5-0. Jordan continued to battle as she was pounded with shot after shot. She made awesome save after save. Then it happened. They scored 2 in a row to make the score 3-1 in their favor. The girls didn't give up--but time ran out. They took second place in state - a feat that disappointed them, but no one expected. They are an amazing group of ladies - and parents.

For weeks--I have said that I will be glad when this soccer ride is over. But, here we are and I am an emotional mess. I wrote thank-you letters today to all the parents, coaches and girls that have made the last 6 years so great for Jordan. As I sat at the computer writing the emails, I sobbed. The tears just started flowing. As I type this, they are flowing again. We have been so blessed - so many great people have stepped up to help us make this ride possible for our daughter. We have been given financial help over and over by anonymous donors - people I am not even able to thank. It still amazes me how generous people are. Parents like Paulina - Debbie and Stasia have taken care of my girl when it wasn't possible to travel with her. They have kept her safe and given her their love and support. From Florida to Dallas to California they have all been there for her when I couldn't be. I am so thankful.

I can't even begin to tell you about her coaches - top notch coaches who saw her potential - pushed her and loved her until she shined with ability. They showed her that she had it in her to go and do whatever she dreamed. We owe them all so much. But you know what? They don't expect anything in return - they are all selfless and inspire athletes daily. We have been blessed. They have opened so many doors and introduced us to so many people, it is amazing. She is attending her dream school in the fall - a small Christian University with an awesome education program. This is thanks to them, to those that pushed her and told her she deserved it and could do it. Totally unbelievable.

I have so much pride inside me with what she has accompllished. She doesn't like being identified as a "goalie" because she is so much more. I know that - but I have to take a minute and tell you that she is truly an amazing goalie. She sends goosebumps through me when I watch her in goal. When I see what she can do. We have a running joke - David & I - we are always saying, "She got that from me!". But, the truth is...it didn't come from either of us. She is her own person and she has pushed herself to be the best she can be. Sitting in the stands on Sunday - surrounded by college level coaches, other teams, and tons of parents....the pride swelled within me. Because even after they lost (which was predicted by most) the talk wasn't on the team that won---it was about my daughter. Amazing saves - lightning quick reflexes - one of the best at her age.... and they went on and on. I could feel the smile on my face even through the tears I felt for the girls on the field. I have to tell you - I was so proud of her. She deserved every comment. You know why? She is the most humble person you will ever meet. She knows that the Lord provided her with her talent and that there is a plan as to why she was given it. Her goal is to follow HIS plan. I have no doubt she will.

Here's to you, my girl----may you always say Yes, Lord and use your talent to serve Him.

Thanks again everyone - may you always be blessed.


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Leah said...

Oh Kim, this is such a precious post. The love for your daughter, her achievements and your gratitude jump right off the computer screen. :)
And second place in State is no small feat! Congratulations to the whole team. I can tell by your words they worked very hard.

Brenna said...

wow Kim, that's amazing. You've got me all teared up down here.

You and David have raised an amazing daughter.

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