Thursday madness ----

or not. I had planned to stay home from classes today because the HVAC guys were going to be here---but they had an emergency and didn't arrive till this afternoon. We stayed home anyway! It was unexpected and relaxing and I got two more pages done! Now we are heading out to baseball with games for Austin and Chase--

Here are the layouts:

Loving the Basic Grey Boxer line---from the Diner:

senior quote

and another one of Travis----who says I never scrap him----(need more photos please!)

warm hearts


Leah said...

such pretty colors in the Senior page. Love the string of flowers and the verse you used. Love the winter page too, I just can't imagine the amount of snow ya'll get up there! a dusting closes everything in this neck of the woods!

Anonymous said...

YAY:D he'll be so happy to see all the pages you have done of him! :D. Ill be sure to show him tonight!...and i WILL get more pictures of him...we have a TON i just need to sit down and go through them all and send you some!...but you know how that goes..hehe.

Maybe this weekend you can catch some pictures of him...


Sherine said...

Fabulous! I can't believe your backyard!

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