Mother's Day~

So, I have to say that I'm not the type to put much emphasis on holiday's like Mother's Day or Father's Day. It just feels kind of anticlimatic and unreasonable to think that I could relax all day and feel good about not getting anything done. My husband has learned that my love language is service. I don't need to get flowers or chocolate or jewelry --- if you want to make me happy - do the laundry or mow the lawn or help me in the garden --- all things that make me a happy mama. & let me tell you, he does that stuff everyday. So, that is why, I don't put much thought into Mother's Day. He is always helping me, putting up with me and getting stuff done. Poor guy---it's a good thing he is handy, healthy and energetic! The kids too---I love all their handmade goodies---but if you want to put a smile on my face, offer to garden with me--or organize my office--or clean the bathroom - nothing could make me happier. That is what they did for me---well with a little coersion ---they helped me get my front yard together. I was thrilled. There is one exception to my rule though --- a scrapbook gift certificate! My oldest son was at my house after church this morning with a gift certificate in hand to my favorite local Scrapbook store. I think maybe I did teach him right! After all scrapbooking is right up there with service as my favorite gift to receive! My two favorite things.

Feeling that way about Mother's Day isn't always a good thing. See, I have a great mom and because I don't think twice about getting a mother's day present myself---I am always a step behind at celebrating with my mom. So, this is for her:

Happy Mother's Day, Mom ---I want you to know that you have become my friend as well as my mom---I love hanging out with you and doing the things we love together. I am so thankful that we can add scrapbooking to that list! This is for you - I hope you have a great day---

Heart my mom


Joy Madison said...

happy mother's day friend!!! You look JUST like your lovely mama!

Leah said...

I LOVE that page! So sweet and very beautiful!

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