Lovin family time....

more than anything right now. It's funny, but when you are in the middle of the season in parenting where you are with your kids 24/7---you just don't appreciate them or how great it is to be with them. I think you just don't know any better. But, I am learning. It's easy to understand how precious they are when they are little ---but somewhere in the chaotic, busy middle years - you forget to have a good time. Or at least I did. My older kids can testify to this. Not much fun around here the last few years - during those years where they are becoming independent and I was refusing to let go. But, I have to tell you - I know now what I am missing. They were all home last night for dinner -- even Tom & Angie all the way from Missouri. They are wonderful people -- not great kids - but wonderful adults. Tough for me to say that - not kids. But, they're not. David & I so enjoyed our time with them last night. They even endured the family picture hassle - totally thankful for that. We had lots of fun - teasing - and good old fashion laughter. Perfect RX to lift my spirits. Even though it takes a family function to get them all here -- I am learning not to take it for granted!

It is getting harder & harder to get a good family pic---the people keep multiplying!

the kids (Sara's husband Mike is missing---he works nights)
kids 5-7 copy

with some extended family:
group 5-7

Tom & Angie:
tomangie 5-7 copy

Travis & Michelle:
travismichelle 5-7

Tom & Angie head out for home tomorrow---I miss them already. We didn't get to see them too much--but it just makes me happy knowing that they are here. Above all--I love to see the joy in David's eyes when he has all his kids with him. Priceless.

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Sherine said...

Tom looks so much like Dave! What an amazing family photo!

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