It's Friday!

Weighed in this morning---can't believe it but I'm down 1.8 pounds for a total of 10.8! I am thrilled! Only 14.6 left to go!

Heading out to a scrapbook garage sale that my mom found on Craig's List this morning--I will let you know how it is! Plan on spending this evening and tomorrow evening scrapping my little heart out for National Scrapbook Day! In between the games and the movie and the poker party!

Construction is a mess----brand new concrete driveway and sideway isn't even a week old and there is a ten foot crack in it---imagine my shock when the Porject manager basically told me there was nothing they could do about it! I totally need it all to be over---to get them all out of my life. I know they are great guys outside of work--but man I don't have any desire to see them again!

Here are a couple layouts I completed using some wonderful Luxe Designs product!

family of friends


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