It's been a week!

Aaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkk! I am a slacker -bad bad bad blogger. So sorry. Life has been crazy - crazier than normal! David is off this week - and we are trying to get the basics done on the remodel in time for the graduation party next week. I am being realistic. I just hope that it will be taped and mudded and that the front yard grass will be in! After that---the rest can take all summer!

On that note - I am heading out to work on the front yard landscaping---but not until I answer these blog questions that I was tagged with! Thanks, Sher!

1.Last music you listened to - "Cheat on Me" Carrie Underwood

2.Last thing you watched on TV - Seinfeld

3.Last movie you saw - The Transformers (for the umpteenth time!)

4.Last book you read - School Text.

5.Last person you spoke to - Luke

6.Last thing you ate - Cinnamon Toast Bread from -- The Harvest Bread CO.

7.Last time you laughed - with my husband this morning

8.Last place you visited - shoping at Home Depot - does that count as Visiting???

9.Last website you visited - Sher's Blog.

10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted - A LO of Grace and the kittens---still a work in progress.

Okay, so if you read this, you were tagged...leave a post so I can read yours!

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