I'm drained----

SO you all know Jordan got the okay from the sports medicine specialist to play soccer this weekend. Well, she plays in the top league in the state and last weekend when she was injured they played in the quarter finals. No one expected them to win because they had no "real" goalie---but they pulled it off. So today, with her back in the goal, they played the semi finals. They played the team that has won almost every year for the last 5 and even won regionals. To tell you how confident the other team was---some of their parents had already purchased their flights to Regionals in Hawaii.

Anyway---the soccer game tied 1-1 and went into overtime ---two 15 minute periods. At the end it was still tied ---so they went into a shootout--PK's. My daughter stopped the first 2 pk's (an amazing feat) and her team went on to win! It was so emotionally exhausting for me. It is so hard to watch her in goal and know how important it is to her and how hard she is working. She was on fire---and I was so proud of her! All the girls played their hearts out and so deserved the win. They play in the finals tomorrow in Tukwila ---and believe it or not--if they win ---they will be flying to Hawaii in 3 weeks for Regionals.

I am so drained--I don't even think I can scrap.

and it is.....

NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY! Have a great day ladies!

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