Well, it's about time I checked in with you all after my semi-scrappin weekend over Memorial Day. I spent Friday and Saturday night with my aunt, scrappin at her house and teaching her and mom a little more about scrappin! What I learned from the whole experience is that there is no right or wrong way to scrap and if you try to teach someone it is just like trying to create 3 pages at one time! It's tough! But, they were patient and productive and managed to get a lot done! I hope they were able to glean some new ideas and maybe even some design elements from me. We had a great time hanging out and chatting --- need to do that more often!

Before I get to the layouts that I completed while I was there ---I have to confess about weight watchers. Or my lack of weight watchers! I have let it slide the last few weeks mainly because of all the commotion happening around here these days. We are in countdown mode to the big graduation party and we are trying to get the construction project to a place where we can have a party and not worry about anyone getting hurt. I think we are almost there!

The sheetrock is all hung and has passed inspection. the front yard has been excavated and the top soil has been dumped. Sometime tomorrow, we will roll in the new sod and PRESTO ---new front yard. That will make Mama very happy. We will not have any of the electrical hooked up in time or the walls painted, but all in all---I think it should be fine!

Thanks so much to Auntie Debbie for making the party planning easier by creating a menu and assigning items to various family members. Now, if I could just get that list from her and make the calls to tell those wonderful family members to bring that item, all would be well! I can't seem to find the time ---struggling with that!

Okay--so here you go--a few layouts for various places:

The first two are for the Scrap-Diner and their Living Luxe Challenge:

you rock my world

right now

This one is for a contest:

camera magnet

This one is for a summer challenge over at the Diner:

cool blast

As is this one:


This one is for Brooke and the Urban Scrapbooker:

the crew  1989

This one is for no apparent reason:

In love

Did a few Disney Pages too---nothing to write home about --just trying to get that album finished.

Take care everyone!


Sherine said...

Coming to your blog is better than any scrapbooking magazine! It's completely a scrapper's paradise!

Joy Madison said...

i missed you at our crop in Issy. Glad you got to crop anyway.

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