Finally- a house picture

I have been avoiding posting a construction update because we are disillusioned with our contractor! I have been hoping to finalize some things and be able to feel better about the whole process, but no such luck. However, I do want to rave about the architect because he was fabulous and he designed the new space so that you can't even tell it's a remodel! As soon as I get permission, I will share his name! I am in love with my new space and I can't wait till we actually get to spend the summer finishing it!

small house

and a reminder of what the old house looked like:



Leah said...

The transformation is amazing! It looks like a whole new house!

Joy Madison said...

wow, that's seriously amazing!! it looks gorgeous from the outside at least:)

Sherine said...

Wow! What a amazing job! The roof line is totally different. All I can say is wow!

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