Busy Weekend -

Tom & Angie arrived from Missouri on Friday afternoon and we all hung out in the heat till early evening. It just makes me smile-when they visit. I really enjoy them and they are great together!

Yesterday, we spent the whole 90 degree day at the ball field. Austin, Chase & then Luke--back to back to back games. We even made the dog join us and for the most part he did great. Tom & Angie and Sarah & Mike were there too---here are some pics of us trying to stay cool during the baseball marathon!

Here is Cooper hiding in the only shade he could find:
cooper under chait

Luke took a hint from Cooper and laid under the chair too!
cool luke

We found a creek at the ball park and kept heading over there to cool off
cute cooper 5-7

David - he loves the heat - Check out the new haircut I gave him ---finally decided growing his hair long was too much work!
my man

Luke played photographer too!
david & I 5-7

This is the 4 of us trying to sit in the only shade at the park!
keeping cool

Cute pic of Luke by the creek
luke woods copy

Cute pic of Luke at the big toy
luke toy 5-7

Today was another productive day --- Deep cleaned both the bathroom and the kitchen, mowed the lawn, went to Costco, hung sheetrock, did 4 loads of laundry, and fixed the refridgerator!

I took some pics of the yard and stuff because I have had some gals ask me about where we live. It is kind of confusing since we live so close to a big city and everything we need is so close to us ---but yet we have a creek in our yard. Really it is just a small creek that runs into a small lake. The park that goes with the lake starts right behind our house and follows the creek to a small golf course that sits on the lake.

So, my yard looks like:

If I stand in the farthest north corner of the lot right next to the creek - this is what I see - from here the creek is on my left:

May 18 2008 009

Walking south a bit and looking a little more toward the creek:

May 18 2008 012

The north side of our house looking toward the front (note the sand bags still in the yard from the minor flood last fall)- the house sits on a pie shaped lot at the end of a cult-de-sac---the back is very long and the front is much shorter:

May 18 2008 011

The South side of our house looking toward the front:

May 18 2008 013

and the play area also on the south side of the house (more sand bags!)

May 18 2008 014

Currently there is construction stuff everywhere---bricks, wood, windows etc... everywhere. I have hopes for the end of the summer --it will all magically disappear!

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Sherine said...

I think I posted on the wrong entry..sorry. These photos are amazing. So clear! Beautiful! Can't wait to see them scrapped.

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