At the Hop!

So the boys had another performance last night at church of "At the Hop". It was hysterical. A whole bunch of great 50's songs rewritten with Christian lyrics, loved -it!

Here are some fun pics for you!

My "nerd"
May 07 2008 013-1

May 07 2008 012-1

May 07 2008 006-2

May 07 2008 002-3

May 07 2008 032

and my "Jock"

May 07 2008 018-1

May 07 2008 008-2

May 07 2008 023-1

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Anonymous said...

WHOA! i cant wait for Saturday!! :D to see the play!

Hahaha Chase looks awesome!! Where did you get those glasses? I want some! :p :D

And Austin looks good!! He reminds me a lot of someone i know...hmmm ;)


I have some pictures of Cooper I will send you once i have uploaded them on my computer!!

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