Another Post!!!

Hey --I almost forgot--I am starting a project that I have seen others do called 12 on the 12th. I'm not sure where it originated, but it's a great idea. Every month on the 12th, you take 12 random pictures of your day, then you created a layout and at the end of the year you have a snapshot of your life!

Here are my 12 from yesterday:

Ordering pics from Costco:

ordering pics

Arriving at the Homeschool Resource Center:

ehrc sign

Looking for math text for next year:

EHRC Library

Luke in the school library:

pic #1 - luke at school copy

Couldn't keep my hands out of the cat cookies from Trader Joes:

cat cookies

My new motto:


outside of my house:

remodel front

the never ending laundry toom mess:

May 12 2008 011

Visiting Emily & the girls:

makena-helping emily

Cooper in the yard refusing to come to me:


The current construction zone:


Jordan working on graduation announcements:

J-making graduation announcements

Nothing to exciting happened here yesterday, but you get the idea!


Leah said...

They are great! Especially love the pic of the computer screen. That's a good one for me to take next time around since I'm on and off the computer most of the day!

Anonymous said...

ah! this is a cute/cool idea!! i didn't even see this post...or the one of Tommy and Angie! I think I will do the 12 on the 12th! looks fun! :D


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