Well, it's about time I checked in with you all after my semi-scrappin weekend over Memorial Day. I spent Friday and Saturday night with my aunt, scrappin at her house and teaching her and mom a little more about scrappin! What I learned from the whole experience is that there is no right or wrong way to scrap and if you try to teach someone it is just like trying to create 3 pages at one time! It's tough! But, they were patient and productive and managed to get a lot done! I hope they were able to glean some new ideas and maybe even some design elements from me. We had a great time hanging out and chatting --- need to do that more often!

Before I get to the layouts that I completed while I was there ---I have to confess about weight watchers. Or my lack of weight watchers! I have let it slide the last few weeks mainly because of all the commotion happening around here these days. We are in countdown mode to the big graduation party and we are trying to get the construction project to a place where we can have a party and not worry about anyone getting hurt. I think we are almost there!

The sheetrock is all hung and has passed inspection. the front yard has been excavated and the top soil has been dumped. Sometime tomorrow, we will roll in the new sod and PRESTO ---new front yard. That will make Mama very happy. We will not have any of the electrical hooked up in time or the walls painted, but all in all---I think it should be fine!

Thanks so much to Auntie Debbie for making the party planning easier by creating a menu and assigning items to various family members. Now, if I could just get that list from her and make the calls to tell those wonderful family members to bring that item, all would be well! I can't seem to find the time ---struggling with that!

Okay--so here you go--a few layouts for various places:

The first two are for the Scrap-Diner and their Living Luxe Challenge:

you rock my world

right now

This one is for a contest:

camera magnet

This one is for a summer challenge over at the Diner:

cool blast

As is this one:


This one is for Brooke and the Urban Scrapbooker:

the crew  1989

This one is for no apparent reason:

In love

Did a few Disney Pages too---nothing to write home about --just trying to get that album finished.

Take care everyone!

It's been a week!

Aaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkk! I am a slacker -bad bad bad blogger. So sorry. Life has been crazy - crazier than normal! David is off this week - and we are trying to get the basics done on the remodel in time for the graduation party next week. I am being realistic. I just hope that it will be taped and mudded and that the front yard grass will be in! After that---the rest can take all summer!

On that note - I am heading out to work on the front yard landscaping---but not until I answer these blog questions that I was tagged with! Thanks, Sher!

1.Last music you listened to - "Cheat on Me" Carrie Underwood

2.Last thing you watched on TV - Seinfeld

3.Last movie you saw - The Transformers (for the umpteenth time!)

4.Last book you read - School Text.

5.Last person you spoke to - Luke

6.Last thing you ate - Cinnamon Toast Bread from -- The Harvest Bread CO.

7.Last time you laughed - with my husband this morning

8.Last place you visited - shoping at Home Depot - does that count as Visiting???

9.Last website you visited - Sher's Blog.

10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted - A LO of Grace and the kittens---still a work in progress.

Okay, so if you read this, you were tagged...leave a post so I can read yours!


Going Digi!

So not really----but I did really enjoy working with the first ever digital scrappin kit from Dixie Pieces! Check it out here - you get so much stuff for only $6.99! I played with it and even learned how to change the colors of different elements. Here is my first layout that I did on my own, completely digital:

favorite vege

it's pretty simple -- but I like it.

Here is a layout I did for teh Scrap-Diner using the Basic Grey Boxer line:

rare moment in time


Lovin family time....

more than anything right now. It's funny, but when you are in the middle of the season in parenting where you are with your kids 24/7---you just don't appreciate them or how great it is to be with them. I think you just don't know any better. But, I am learning. It's easy to understand how precious they are when they are little ---but somewhere in the chaotic, busy middle years - you forget to have a good time. Or at least I did. My older kids can testify to this. Not much fun around here the last few years - during those years where they are becoming independent and I was refusing to let go. But, I have to tell you - I know now what I am missing. They were all home last night for dinner -- even Tom & Angie all the way from Missouri. They are wonderful people -- not great kids - but wonderful adults. Tough for me to say that - not kids. But, they're not. David & I so enjoyed our time with them last night. They even endured the family picture hassle - totally thankful for that. We had lots of fun - teasing - and good old fashion laughter. Perfect RX to lift my spirits. Even though it takes a family function to get them all here -- I am learning not to take it for granted!

It is getting harder & harder to get a good family pic---the people keep multiplying!

the kids (Sara's husband Mike is missing---he works nights)
kids 5-7 copy

with some extended family:
group 5-7

Tom & Angie:
tomangie 5-7 copy

Travis & Michelle:
travismichelle 5-7

Tom & Angie head out for home tomorrow---I miss them already. We didn't get to see them too much--but it just makes me happy knowing that they are here. Above all--I love to see the joy in David's eyes when he has all his kids with him. Priceless.


Busy Weekend -

Tom & Angie arrived from Missouri on Friday afternoon and we all hung out in the heat till early evening. It just makes me smile-when they visit. I really enjoy them and they are great together!

Yesterday, we spent the whole 90 degree day at the ball field. Austin, Chase & then Luke--back to back to back games. We even made the dog join us and for the most part he did great. Tom & Angie and Sarah & Mike were there too---here are some pics of us trying to stay cool during the baseball marathon!

Here is Cooper hiding in the only shade he could find:
cooper under chait

Luke took a hint from Cooper and laid under the chair too!
cool luke

We found a creek at the ball park and kept heading over there to cool off
cute cooper 5-7

David - he loves the heat - Check out the new haircut I gave him ---finally decided growing his hair long was too much work!
my man

Luke played photographer too!
david & I 5-7

This is the 4 of us trying to sit in the only shade at the park!
keeping cool

Cute pic of Luke by the creek
luke woods copy

Cute pic of Luke at the big toy
luke toy 5-7

Today was another productive day --- Deep cleaned both the bathroom and the kitchen, mowed the lawn, went to Costco, hung sheetrock, did 4 loads of laundry, and fixed the refridgerator!

I took some pics of the yard and stuff because I have had some gals ask me about where we live. It is kind of confusing since we live so close to a big city and everything we need is so close to us ---but yet we have a creek in our yard. Really it is just a small creek that runs into a small lake. The park that goes with the lake starts right behind our house and follows the creek to a small golf course that sits on the lake.

So, my yard looks like:

If I stand in the farthest north corner of the lot right next to the creek - this is what I see - from here the creek is on my left:

May 18 2008 009

Walking south a bit and looking a little more toward the creek:

May 18 2008 012

The north side of our house looking toward the front (note the sand bags still in the yard from the minor flood last fall)- the house sits on a pie shaped lot at the end of a cult-de-sac---the back is very long and the front is much shorter:

May 18 2008 011

The South side of our house looking toward the front:

May 18 2008 013

and the play area also on the south side of the house (more sand bags!)

May 18 2008 014

Currently there is construction stuff everywhere---bricks, wood, windows etc... everywhere. I have hopes for the end of the summer --it will all magically disappear!


Thursday madness ----

or not. I had planned to stay home from classes today because the HVAC guys were going to be here---but they had an emergency and didn't arrive till this afternoon. We stayed home anyway! It was unexpected and relaxing and I got two more pages done! Now we are heading out to baseball with games for Austin and Chase--

Here are the layouts:

Loving the Basic Grey Boxer line---from the Diner:

senior quote

and another one of Travis----who says I never scrap him----(need more photos please!)

warm hearts


Finally- a house picture

I have been avoiding posting a construction update because we are disillusioned with our contractor! I have been hoping to finalize some things and be able to feel better about the whole process, but no such luck. However, I do want to rave about the architect because he was fabulous and he designed the new space so that you can't even tell it's a remodel! As soon as I get permission, I will share his name! I am in love with my new space and I can't wait till we actually get to spend the summer finishing it!

small house

and a reminder of what the old house looked like:


Coming Soon!

Sunshine! The weatherman is forcasting a "heat wave" for Friday and Saturday with highs in the 80's! It is funny to think that that is a heat wave when it's almost summer, but with the weather being so cold and dreary--it certainly is going to feel like a heat wave!

The timing couldn't be better! Tom & Angie are coming for a visit from Missouri and they arrive on Friday! The kids are so excited to see them --- we can't wait!

4-6 2


Another Post!!!

Hey --I almost forgot--I am starting a project that I have seen others do called 12 on the 12th. I'm not sure where it originated, but it's a great idea. Every month on the 12th, you take 12 random pictures of your day, then you created a layout and at the end of the year you have a snapshot of your life!

Here are my 12 from yesterday:

Ordering pics from Costco:

ordering pics

Arriving at the Homeschool Resource Center:

ehrc sign

Looking for math text for next year:

EHRC Library

Luke in the school library:

pic #1 - luke at school copy

Couldn't keep my hands out of the cat cookies from Trader Joes:

cat cookies

My new motto:


outside of my house:

remodel front

the never ending laundry toom mess:

May 12 2008 011

Visiting Emily & the girls:

makena-helping emily

Cooper in the yard refusing to come to me:


The current construction zone:


Jordan working on graduation announcements:

J-making graduation announcements

Nothing to exciting happened here yesterday, but you get the idea!

Lots of scrappy news!

Great things happening over at the Scrap-Diner these days! There is just tons to tell you about!

***The Diner's new blog, the Diner's Daily Dish is hopping! There is a fabulous blog challenge for the month of May -- with a great RAK up for grabs!

***Luxe is the Manufacturer of the Month over at the Diner and we have just gotten word that they will be sponsoring a chat and a challenge --so stay tuned for more info on that to come!

***There are three (yes, three!)fabulous kits coming soon over at the Diner! They will debut on Thursday and our fabulous kit designers, the kittens, will be spotlighted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the blog! Don't forget to take a peak!

***In addition, today is Think it Through Tuesday and a new question has been posted for your journaling pleasure!

Last week's question was - When was the last time you did something for the first time? Deep, huh? Well, I decided that I was going to take the plunge and start recording my answers journal style but in scrapbook form. I have recently been asked to play with some digital product and what better time than now! So, here is my answer to Question #1 --in digi format.

question #1

The products I used are from different misc. kits ---but I need to give credit to:
-Jackie Eckles - "THANKS"
-Correen Silke Designs
-Dixie Pieces - Spring Sherbert Alphas
-Tia Bennett - School in Spring
-C. Wallace - Matter of Scrap

**Just noticed that I have a mispelling in my journaling and even though it would be easy to fix--I'm not up to it! Makes it just like me - not perfect!

What else is happening in my little scrapbooking world?

***Very exciting news over at Dixie Pieces Kit Club. They are premiering their first ever digital kit on the 15th! The DT over there got a chance to play with it and learn some great techniques from the designer herself, Krista! Check out the sneak peek. It is such a great kit! I can't wait to show you the layouts I made with it--but, you'll have to wait till Thursday!

***I am working at the Urban Scrapbooker tomorrow for a few hours in the morning. If you are out and about---come on over and see me!

***And last but not least---here are a few layouts that I have done recently:

These first 2 were for a Viva La Friday challenge over at the Diner - to scraplift a design from the gallery. For this one, I lifted the fabulous Leah:

rub a dub dub

and for this one, I lifted that wonderful work of jdtscrapper. This picture is my oldest son, Travis last month while he was roofing our new addition! He's definitely not my baby anymore!

I want you to know...

this one was for a contest over at Addicted Scrappers. It was tough--there had to be three different patterned papers and no two things could be from the same manufacturer! It is a busy page, but I love it! This is my first born son, Travis, on his 3rd birthday. My strongest memory of that day is that he had just gotten stung by a bee --poor guy!

birthday star


Mother's Day~

So, I have to say that I'm not the type to put much emphasis on holiday's like Mother's Day or Father's Day. It just feels kind of anticlimatic and unreasonable to think that I could relax all day and feel good about not getting anything done. My husband has learned that my love language is service. I don't need to get flowers or chocolate or jewelry --- if you want to make me happy - do the laundry or mow the lawn or help me in the garden --- all things that make me a happy mama. & let me tell you, he does that stuff everyday. So, that is why, I don't put much thought into Mother's Day. He is always helping me, putting up with me and getting stuff done. Poor guy---it's a good thing he is handy, healthy and energetic! The kids too---I love all their handmade goodies---but if you want to put a smile on my face, offer to garden with me--or organize my office--or clean the bathroom - nothing could make me happier. That is what they did for me---well with a little coersion ---they helped me get my front yard together. I was thrilled. There is one exception to my rule though --- a scrapbook gift certificate! My oldest son was at my house after church this morning with a gift certificate in hand to my favorite local Scrapbook store. I think maybe I did teach him right! After all scrapbooking is right up there with service as my favorite gift to receive! My two favorite things.

Feeling that way about Mother's Day isn't always a good thing. See, I have a great mom and because I don't think twice about getting a mother's day present myself---I am always a step behind at celebrating with my mom. So, this is for her:

Happy Mother's Day, Mom ---I want you to know that you have become my friend as well as my mom---I love hanging out with you and doing the things we love together. I am so thankful that we can add scrapbooking to that list! This is for you - I hope you have a great day---

Heart my mom


Fabulous Friday!

It has been a great day all around! A little garage saleing, some great bargains at Goodwill, good checkups and cleanings at the dentist, huge savings at the grocery store, 2 hours of yardwork, and a little scrapping! Absolutely perfect!

It was so nice to get out in my yard today---therapeutic even! I worked on restoring my front yard a bit and by next weekend, I hope to have it all finished - grass sod and all! The excavator is coming on Sunday to remove the extra construction mess and then I should be able to clean up the rockery and get the front yard ready to plant. Can't wait! The boys were so great to help me---my mother's day request -- a bit early because it's suppose to rain on Sunday. Jordan has promised to help me with the rockery next week - so all is good.

We all went to Luke's game together last week and we even dragged Cooper along. Still crys like a baby in the car-but so far hasn't gotten physically sick again. I think that's a little progress! I brought my camera and just played around - haven't done that in awhile--check out some of these photos-pretty fun.


slurpee 2


LUKE 5-7 2





I can't wait to get them back from the processor and scrap them! I love new photos -- they get my mojo flowing!

Here are a couple of layouts I've done recently:

This one was for a blog challenge over at the Diner's Blog - use a 50's song for the title and scrap in a 50"s color scheme.

habby birthday baby

These are some I did for Brooke at the Urban Scrapbooker:


new cousins

have I told you

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