Weigh in Monday (????????)

Okay--so it's not Monday. It's Wednesday and I weighed in on Tuesday so that Auntie Debbie could join me! (Good for her--BTW!)

If you were here, you would see 2 pounds less of me today! That makes for a total of 8 pounds in the first four weeks. Right on track. I am hoping to stay on track this week, however, I found myself snacking all day yesterday. At least they were good snacks and I may not have gone over my total by much. But, I definitely didn't eat healthy. That is my goal today--fruit & vegetables and lots of water.

Oh, and a nap! Luke arrived in my room at 11pm announcing that he had gotten sick all over his bed----he proceeded to sleep on the floor next to my bed, so I could make sure he hit the bucket----and he did----eight more times throughout the night. Combine that with taking Cooper out 3 times and I'm sure that I will be living on coffee & fumes the whole day.

Planned a special treat for myself today (manicure & pedicure)--scheduled it 2 weeks ago. Hoping that I will still get to sneak out of here for an hour. Not usual to spend money on myself--but I am going to splurge---a whole $40! 2 weeks ago, when I scheduled the appointment, that wasn't very much $$$. Today, though---it feels like a fortune and the guilt is creeping in. The window on David's truck won't roll up and you would think---what $100 or so? NOT---the part alone was $295! I just can't even imagine that. So, today they will fix it and I will fork over almost $400 to a window company. Definitely not in the budget. So, like I said--the guilt is creeping in -----------------------

But, I'm going anyway---because I had to clean up puke (sorry) all night and because it will make me feel better. I will worry about the budget later ---and I will do it with pretty toes and fingers!

BTW---never had a pedicure before--don't like people messing with my feet! I hear they are wonderful--so I am stepping out of my comfort zone and hoping to feel like a princess for at least an hour. Then home---and back into the maid uniform!

Here are a couple of new pics of Cooper---are you tired of them yet?

cute 5-7

close up 5-7

Photo credit goes to Luke---my 7 year old---he's got quite the eye for a great picture.

And last but not least---a couple of very quick & easy layouts designed for the Blast-a-Thon challenges over at the Scrap-Diner~

This one was on fear -with rub-ons and white space:


This one was on rhymes with bling:

be thankful

This one was just because:

army fatigue


Marci Knecht said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats!

Brenna said...

Cute layouts and what an adorable puppy! I think I might need one. =]

Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR LAYOUTS!!! :D And the pictures of Cooper are so cute!!! I will probably stop by tomorrow (Thursday) after work! i get off at 4!! :D Congrats on the pounds loss!! Love you!!


Anonymous said...

***Pounds Lost*** sorry...haha brain fart!


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