Sickie Sunday

Well--it officially has hit everyone in the house now! I was down and out yesterday all day---just couldn't it together all day---never really got "sick" but felt like I wanted to the whole day. Then this morning---David was sheetrocking and at about 11 am---he hit a wall. All of a sudden he just felt terrible and he's been sleeping since. The boys are all doing better--of course---and they are totally bored because we are laying around doing nothing! It is even a battle to take the dog outside right now!

But, life will go on. Sometime this week, it will go on!

Weight Watchers was put to the wayside - to much work to eat good when you aren't feeling good. I think I have had 3 bowls of cereal in the last 24 hours. Comfort food. Maybe I will skip weigh in this week and go next Monday. We'll see.

One thing I wanted to do, was post this for Jordan. It is a layout she did of her "Converse" and she is going to post it to a Challenge Blog Contest. Since she doesn't have her own blog yet, I am posting it for her:

The challenge is for http://categorystories.blogspot.com



TV Digital said...
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Brenna said...

Way to go Jordan....cute layout!

Lee said...

hey wicked page Jordan - love the heart!!! Thanks so much for joining in the Category Stories challenge, hope to see you playing along again!
Lee :)

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