Luke is recovered---and back to business, playing and all that important stuff! So, life is good again at our house.

Yesterday---I was so happy----there was construction noise going on all day! The excavators were here and got my front yard ready for the driveway and the new front yard. David & Austin were hanging sheetrock and Rick was outside putting finishing touches on the house. I never thought I would be happy to be surrounded by construction noise. :)

Hangin more sheetrock today------ remember that manicure that I got a few days ago? Well it was fabulous--and the pedicure was everything you'all said it would be. So much fun----well, I am taking a picture today, because I am off to hang sheetrock and that might be the end of my nails. I hope not--but it was fun while it lasted! Work is calling me.

Finished a couple of layouts for the Scrap-Diner today----they were fun ones. Outside of my box---love that. I like to be pushed to the limit. Well, most of the time!

This is for the last Challenge of the Blast-a-thon (still have 3 more days ladies to get those layouts done and entered for chances to win some great prizes). The challenge-----what to you wish you could buy?

Here is mine:
hmmmm copy

This next one is the VLF Challenge ---you have till the end of the month to do this one! What tool or tools do you have sitting around collecting dust that you just HAD TO HAVE? Take the plunge and use them! I used my Silhouette and the Bazzill Stitchz that I have been scared of~!

sweet sunshine

Finally---a layout I did for a contest--------but I was disqualified because I used 6 buttons and not 5! Oh well, I love the layout and that makes me happy!

my girl

Cooper is doind good--seems to grow before our eyes. It's amazing---he needs his shots today--which means getting him in the car and making him carsick----oh, well---life is hard sometimes!

cooper 5-7

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Sherry said...

love the layouts, Kim, and cooper looks awesome. So, your driveway is ready to be poured? pictures please!

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