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Someone asked me the other day, what I do when I get in a scrapbook funk. My response was I just start taking pictures and ignore my scrap space for a few days. So, I not really in a funk--but I realized that I am running out of good pics to scrap and that I haven't picked up my camera in awhile! So, here are some pics that I took of the boys this morning---after giving them haircuts.

flickr dog copy

flickr chaseluke

flickr tulips

flickr goofy

flickr boys copy

boys flickr

In other news--baseball is going well --Chase has found his swing and has had beautiful hits in both of the last twwo games. Austin is amazing on the mound and has even kept his pitch count to under 15 pitces an inning. Luke is smoking the ball and plays an awesome first base.

Jordan was injured in the state cup game last Saturday---and has finally agreed to see the doctor today. I will update you later on that.

Travis & Josh stopped by yesterday---good to see them together and hanging out.

My pet peeve of the day---standardized testing for homeschoolers. So I think the WASL is the most overrated and unnecessary test ever--so I have never made my kids do it. However, the state of WA will not give a kid a diploma unless they pass this stupid test as a tenth grader. Anyway---it's not just 10th grade that they give it. They take 2 weeks every year to give it to every kid in every grade just so when they get to 10th grade they will pass it. I could go on and on forever---but if you want to know about the WASL--google it. It is very controversial. Anyway--yesterday I went to my student learning plan meeting with the teacher that oversees us at the resource center. First thing she wanted to know---was why aren't they testing. Well, I shared my opinion (which by the way she agreed with) and then we had to figure out an alternative test. So, today out of the blue they have to go in and take the ITBS test. Now, don't get me wrong---testing is fine. But as a homeschool mom--I don't always teach them in the right order. Sometimes, we learn about things out of order and as a group. SO giving them a test say in Science is going to be useless. But, we will do it.

Funny thing is-----they don't care if my boys fail this test or if they pass--they just have to have it on record.

Thanks for letting me rant.


Sherry said...

I totally agree about the WASL. It really would grind me that teachers were teaching to the WASL rather than what students should learn.

Sherry said...

Bummer. Lost my comment. Should have copied it before loggin in.

Anyway, I said and will repeat just for you that I agree with your comments on the WASL. It's absurd.

Brenna said...

I don't agree with the WASL either. I was a good student and received excellent grades, but I did HORRIBLE on the WASL. It was a real bummer for me.

and you have ADORABLE kids. What good sports they were to pose for your pictures. =]

Anonymous said...

WOW...look at your babies!! i know you will hate me for saying this...but they are growing up so fast!! i remember first meeting all of you...and Luke was about 3 or 4...Chase pretty much looks the same...but AUSTIN wow! he looks older and older every time i see him!! hes gotten so tall and very handsome!! :D i want to come visit sometime!! i am going to see my friend in the hospital after work today..she just had a baby a couple days ago!! and then i will TRY to come see you guys!! Maybe tomorrow Travis and I will come by..i dont think he has to work and tomorrow is my off day!!

love you!

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