Meet Cooper

Here he is --the newest member of our family-Cooper. We are so excited. In fact, Jordan has already bonded with him. She got to hold him the 70 minute ride home when he proceeded to throw up 3 times, drool everywhere and cry the whole way. By the third time, she had his head in the bucket! Now that would have been the picture. He is doing better now that we are home and he is outside. Phew--that was a tough ride!

cooper 3

cooper 2

cooper 1


Leah said...

ohhhh he's SO CUTE!

Jennifer said...

Oh - he's ADORABLE! Welcome Cooper!! :)

Sara said...

I knew when I saw that going to Sedro Wooley was a surprise that you were getting a puppy!!! I just knew it! He is adorable! And cute name!

Brenna said...

I'm so jealous. What a CUTE puppy!

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