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So, for those of you that think I forgot Weigh in Monday, I didn't! Last week, I went on Tuesday and this week I am going on Friday. I am hoping to LOVE the teacher tomorrow because Friday's seem to be the day that will work best for me! I will let you know how I do tomorrow.

THis week has been tough for me ---food wise. I was sick on Saturday and instead of not wanting to eat, I kept eating to keep my stomach from hurting. Go figure! ANyway, got back on track on Monday, so I will be thrilled if at least I break even this time around!

Took J to the doc yesterday and we got some bad news. She is out of soccer, work and any remote type of physical activity for at least 10 days. She is on the verge of something called Compartment's Syndrome in her right leg and it isn't a good thing. She needs to be sitting for the majority of the day----if you know her, this really isn't possible. But, I plan on making her because the alternatives aren't good. If this turns into something acute - then surgery could be necessary and her nerves in her leg could be in jeopardy. So we are taking this very seriously and hoping she will recover quickly. We see the specialist Tuesday morning. I will keep you updated.

The puppy is doing great - he's had some accidents in the house--but not too many. He is sleeping through the night and even took a car ride yesterday to the ball game without getting sick. He still didn't like the car ride, but we made progress!

The driveway guys are here and it looks like they may pour the cement tomorrow. Life with contractors is not good right now. We had a falling out and I'm sure we all just want this to be over. Now, I understand why most people don't get along with their contractors. But, all in all, I am still thrilled with my "new space" and think those that actually worked on it -- did a good job. Rick was a fabulous foreman.

There is a wonderful designer out there named Lucy Chesna --- I had the pleasure of sitting on the Scrap-Diner DT with her for awhile. Not only is she the face behind Pubcalls but she is a great sketch artist. Check out her Sketchworld blog and see for yourself! I scrapped with one of her sketches today and loved it!

Here is my layout:

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AmyD said...

Hey Girl, I'm sorry to hear about Jordan's leg. I will be thinking about her:) Your puppy is adorable! Love to get updates from you!

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