It was a 5 box day~

Yep-5 boxes delivered today -3 from UPS and 2 from the mailman. I love to get boxes, I don't even care what is in them. There is just joy in opening a box and getting something. As you get older, you have less and less boxes to open, less Christmas presents and definitely less birthday presents. So, I will take that joy in any form I can get. Today it came in the form of:

1----books from textbooks.com for Jordan's next college quarter
2----a supply order full of adhesive
3&4-2 boxes from Scrapbook.com - this was the last of my $700 gift certificate I won last summer (so sad it's over)
5----(definitely the happiest box) my May DT kit from Dixie Pieces! All I can tell you about it is it is full of fabulous lime green and bright pink!

Yes, it was a fabulous day for boxes. I am now surrounded by plenty of stuff to keep me busy. I can't believe there are only 3 days left of spring break. I didn't get half the layouts done that I wanted to but I am happy with the ones I did get to do! I will post the three at the bottom of this post!

In other news----the construction crew has started to clean up. They are hauling stuff to the dump and finishing off little things here and there. I am waiting to take a picture until all their crap is out of the way and the port a potty is gone. Then I will post. Once they leave--it will be our turn. I can't wait to have it in our hands --- on our time table. Even if it takes all summer--at least we will be back in control. To be honest, though, it has been pretty harmless and if you are ever in need of a good contractor in the Seattle area---try Dunn Construction.

There was a little strife today on one of the scrapbook forums that I am a part of. I am only commenting on this because I love this hobby and it makes me sad to think that there are those that take it way to seriously and lose site of the joy and blessing it truly is. As my friend, Amy, would say, "There are NO scrapbook emergencies". So here's hoping that it will blow over soon and that all involved will find their smiles again and be blessed by this wonderful hobby and all that are involved in it!

Here you go--here are my three layouts completed for the Scrap-Diner so far this month. By the way: They are having another fabulous weeklong crop from April 11-18, Lets Have a Blast-a-Thon! Come on over a join us for some fun challenges & prizes! www.scrap-diner.com .


dirt magnet

cave men


Brenna said...

such cute layouts. I love the dinos! =]

TanishaRenee said...

Kim, you ROCK masculine LOs like no other!!! Love these!!

Sherine said...

Seeing all your pages together always brings a smile. It's like reading a really good book!

Alteredego said...

These are amazing. I love looking at your layouts. You do such wonderful work.

Raechelle said...

you are rocking the BG!!! Love what you've done here Kim!

kimosabescraps said...

Holy cow girl... you totally rocked that Archaic... I totally am adding this to my wish list now!
Love the colors and how you combined it all...
great pages as always!

Kim F

Amy said...

No Scrapbooking emergencies!!!! LOL. Love you LOs. You do a lot of great work!! Keep your head up, your house will come together!!

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