hey there...

how is everyone? A new week and lots on the agenda. Our schedule is pretty crazy this week -

-8 baseball games
-2 soccer games
-school starts back up
-dentist appointments
-sheetrock delivered
-crop at www.scrap-diner.com join me!
-poker game here on Sat night
-birthday party
-2 play practices
-I could go on and on.......but you get the idea

Life is crazy around here right now - so I am looking for any reason to veg out and relax. Sometimes all I get is that hour before a game when the kids are warming up. I have learned the art of relaxing in the car with the sun shining through the glass. I close my eyes and invision myself somewhere warm and tropical! Okay -so it only works for a minute -but I'll take it!

So life on the run for the next 2 months ---and in between we are going to try to work on the house. If I'm not around much you'll forgive me and understand. Right?

Here are a couple more layouts for you:

This one was for an ad challenge - the Viva La Friday challenge over at Scrap-Diner ----here is my ad and my layout: I think you will know what inspired me!



and my final layout with the Basic Grey stuff from the Diner:


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