Comedy of Errors

It has been raining destruction at my house over the last 5 days. It has been one thing after another and all has combined to drive me just a little bit crazy! Of course---after letting it all get to me----I have been able to resolve most of the issues today with little lingering effects.

Let's see:

1.boys accidently dumped a whole bowl of Coco Puffs and milk upside down on my laptop keyboard ---computer is dead
2. son wanted to see what my circle cutter did - so he tried it out on my fiberglass craft mat ---craft mat is dead
3. daughter tried to park hubby's truck in a small parking space and knicked another car ---still waiting to hear from them
4. refridgeraor is leaking --- turns out I just need to defrost the freezer
5. son accidently skipped a rock right into brand new french doors and shattered one side --- replacement can be ordered from Home Depot for $50
6. daughter accidently dropped Canon Reble EOS on the floor breaking the battery compartment --- part ordered and installed for $13

so, all in all----after ranting about all these issues, most of them have resolved themselves in a not to costly manner. For sure---they all could have been worse!

In addition, took Jordan to the specialist today and her leg is going to be fine---she doesn't have compartment's syndrome and has new information on how to protect her shins in the future. She even gets to play on Saturday in the semi-final State Cup game. She is thrilled.

I will come back later to give you some pics!

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Emily Adams said...

looks like your luck is changing - please go to the Luxe blog: www.luxedesigns.typepad.com

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