Weigh in Monday

Okay--weighed in early today because the kids are off on spring break------I am down 2.8 pounds this week for a total of 6 pounds. I so wish I could see that kind of loss every week! But, no ---it will level off and average about 4 pounds per month. I will be happy with that. My first goal is 10 pounds total by April 21st.

Travis has been working on the roof and from what I can tell he is almost finished! Praise the Lord! Here is a picture of him leaning over through the roof where one of my new skylights is going to be:

travis on roof 5-7

Rec'd Jordan's senior pictures this week - they are so beautiful! A friend from church took them for us and I love them all!!! I am going to go through them tonight and resize them --so you can all see them tomorrow! I am going to find my senior pictures too --because man does she look like I did at that age. Amazing.

Here is a preview for you!


I am been scrapping this week --just because. Here are a few layouts for you -they were quick & easy - nothing too elaborate! Should get my box from the SCRAP-DINER tomorrow! YooooHooo!





buddies copy

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Sherine said...

You are on fire! INcredible work. Your daughter is so gorgeous. I love the glow!

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