Weigh-in Monday (okay, so I'm a day late!)

First weigh-in yesterday ------------and I am down 3.2 pounds! The first week is the easiest and now it will get tougher! But, hopefully, my motivation will stay strong and I can plug along. If I average a pound a week, I will be thrilled!

Missed blogging over the weekend -- but we were so darn busy! Saturday was spent working on the roof and making trips to the dump. I don't think I have done that much physical labor in FOREVER. Sunday, the torrential rains arrived and kept us off the roof. But, we managed to enjoy church, Easter dinner with the neighbors, and still get the bedrooms put back together. So, everyone is in their own rooms again, and we are about 8 huge bags of stuff lighter. 4 to the dump and 4 to Goodwill. I love to purge!

What else?

Chase had a baseball game last night and spent 3 boring innings in the outfield (his comment) but his team was victorious.

Jordan had her senior pictures taken yesterday by a friend from Church-can't wait to see those.

The siding is going up on the house today - will try to remember to post a pic.

I will post again tonight--I always seem to have more to say when I can think and the house is quiet! till then......

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Marci Knecht said...

Congrats! 3.2 pounds in one week is awesome. You've inspired me.

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