Weekend recap--

I had a great time this weekend with the girls scrapping our hearts out! It's a shame though that you have to experience the "letdown" afterwards. I always get home and back in the swing of things and feel like I never went! I hate that. BUt, that's what we have pictures for! The cabin was perfect! It was still under construction, so that was perfect for us ---no furniture and no carpet to have to worry about!

Here are some from the weekend:

Mar 02 2008 012

Mar 02 2008 010

This piece of driftwood looked like some kind of creature:
Feb 29 2008 102

Mar 02 2008 030

Mar 01 2008 068

Mar 01 2008 072

Mar 01 2008 083

Mar 02 2008 031

Tomorrow I will post some more pics ----enjoy.


Brenna said...

what a BEAUTIFUL cabin! I wish I could do a weekend getaway sometime!

Jennifer said...

I had SUCH a good time. Thank you for all your planning ... it was perfect!

Sara said...

YAY for fun scrappin!

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