To-do list?

I am trying to hang in there. Trying to keep my patience in check. Trying to control my frustration. Those of you that know me, know how hard all those things are for me! I have this mental list---a list of things that are making me stressed out and I just want to start checking them off. You know what I mean---get them all off my list. Somehow, I don't think it's going to be as easy as working from a normal "to do" list. I wish it was though! WOuldn't that be great:

----Eat healthier and lose 25 pounds ---CHECK
----Finish Construction and put house back together ---CHECK
----Settle all strife in the house ---CHECK
----Pay off all bills and get out of debt ---CHECK
----Get new puppy and train her to be good dog---CHECK
----Get refridgerator fixed---CHECK
----Prepay Jordan's college tuition---CHECK
----Get Travis back in school---CHECK

Wouldn't that be great? Just the thought of being able to put them on a check-off list makes me giggle. Pretty funny stuff. But, somehow just writing them down makes me feel just a little bit better! At least I can see how humorous it is to think that I can do anything about them today. Downright ridiculous. I can't do a thing about any of them today and worrying about them is pointless. The only thing I can do is give them up to the Lord---there that I can do. I can also realize that there are so many people right now with real things to worry about. I can pray for them to.

Funny how blogging makes me feel better--like talking to a friend. Love that. Have a great day - friend!

Mar 26 2008 002


jan williams said...

Kim Your house is looking Fantasic!!! I know you will be glad to have it finished! I myself LOVE construction, I think I was a builder in a previous life..

Sherine said...

Wow, look at that. Love construction pictures because I am nerdy like that! It looks terrific!

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