Never ending mess....

I knew it was coming--but I avoided it as long as I could. THe construction mess, that is. Now that they have broken into the house, it seems that everything is continually dirty and dusty. I am struggling with this today. I was happy as long as I had the one room---my office & living room area---that was clean. But, last week during construction they put a hole through the wall into my living room--so there is now construction mess in every room now. No matter how bad I want this construction to be happening, I think I am going crazy.

What's worse-is that I have so much stuff misplaced that everything seems cluttered. So I keep purging. Three more huge bags went to goodwill today. Now, I am usually okay with this, but I think I am going to wake up and go, "where did ______ go?--oh, no, I took it to the goodwill!"

David tore out the inside walls in Jordan's room today (more mess) and put good insulation in them. He will sheetrock them tomorrow and hopefully have them taped and muded by next weekend. THe plan is for me to repaint her room while he & Travis are roofing the house. I'll let you know how that goes!

It definitelyt feels never ending. I keep wishing for it all to be over. I have to be careful doing that, because I might miss out on life. TOmorrow, I am getting my camera out and taking pictures. It always makes me feel better ---after all ----there are memorable moments every day -even during construction!

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