Monday ramblings

the Holmes Crew Update:

Luke: His birthday countdown has begun---46 days till he turns 8

Chase: Jumped a whole year in his math book last week - now he's working in the Saxon 76 book

Austin: Worked his butt off on the roof last weekend - no complaints

Jordan: Registered for her last quarter at Edmonds Community College --planning for graduation

Travis: Bought a car finally---a VW Corada---bright red hotrod---loves it
Working here putting our new roof on - hard worker -knows his stuff!

David: Home today from work - emergency dentist appointment - needs root canal & antibiotics
Made 4 trips to the dump with our old roofing material garbage

Me: Scrapping and keeping myself busy

Construction Crew: had to do destruction today --- 3rd peak was not parallel --- they weren't happy campers --fed them brownies

House: New washer & dryer arriving tomorrow - our old ones finally died. May they rest in peace.

Here are a couple of layouts I completed for the neighbor and a few for a contest:


jet setters

look whose 8

naomi puppy love

contest layout small copy


Sherine said...

Hey there lady!!! I love the way you listed the happenings at the Holmes Household. Sorry to hear about the construction. Hugs...miss you!

Sara said...

I love the puppy love page! I love all the colors!

Gaspegirl said...

You do great work - those layouts are awesome!

Brenna said...

Kim, you're so cute. Glad to hear your construction is going well.

Cute layouts!

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