Mid-week laziness---

Wednesday's----I am either on fire and get tons done, or I am so lazy that nothing gets accomplished. Well, today counts as lazy. I still accomplished things, but the kind of things that take no energy and not too much brain activity! Not necessarily a bad thing in the grander scheme of things. I have had a stress headasche for 3 days straight. Today, I was determined to ignore it until it went away. So, I woke up, skipped my shower, put on my sweats, grabbed all my unread magazines and went to school with the boys. I spend the first 3 hours online reading my forums and posting fun comments. I spent the next hour on the cell with Sher in Arizona venting my heart out. And I spent the last hour at school browsing the sale stuff at Pottery Barn online. I am definitely placing an order.

When we pulled up at home, this is what I saw:

Mar 12 2008 003-1

Remember it used to look like this:


So, I was thrilled at the progress and gave all my construction workers a great big smile. Tomorrow, they get brownies.

Next, I put the pork chops in the oven, took a 15 minute cat nap, picked up David at the bus stop, and got everyone ready for baseball practice. They all just left and the house is quiet. No noise except the quiet humming of the computer and my fingers on the keyboard. All is good.

I have to send out a great big
to Sher for the mid morning pick me up on the phone. She was an angel in disquise today.


So, today after spending an hour on the phone at school, Luke who was hanging out with me at lunchtime said, "She must be really good friend, she did a lot of good listening"! I think he was trying to tell me I was talking too much! Gotta love that--both the good listening and the cute kid!

So my advice to all of you who are dwelling on something that is getting you down ---let it go. Life moves on and you can only do so much. Remind me of that next week, will you?


Amy said...

Wow the house is looking great! That is very exciting! I'm happy for you guys! Sounds like you had a great scrap trip! Hope to see you soon. Love Amy

MsGrace said...

I can so relate to your post. Thanks for sharing. Don't you love when kids say things like that. My kids get me all the time...gotta love it.

Amanda Ann said...

So dude, I typed out a long answer here yesterday and now I came here to tag you and it's gone. I bet I pushed preview and then closed it. Silly me!!
Anyways... I basically said that the house is looking great and that Sher is awesome. :)
So, I tagged you, you have to go look at my blog: http://amandaanndunn.blogspot.com/2008/03/tag-youre-it.html

karen (akaliz) said...

that looks amazing! i can't wait to see how you decorate and see your rummage sale finds! those are the best!

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