The weather has been beautiful! Sunny and 60 degrees. Simply beautiful. I can't believe how much some sunshine can lift your spirits. Well, that and good old fashioned laughter and friendship. It's been a great weekend for both. Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early and left the house about 6am. I know, pretty damn early! But I was on a mission. Stopped in Everett to pick up Jen, stopped in Marysville to pick up Andrea and Pam and off we went to Bellingham. What's in Bellingham, you're asking??? Well, that was the home of a very cool scrapbooking garage sale! There were over 25 vendors, all will tons of cool stuff to sell. We set our stuff up and then took a walk around. There was soooooo much stuff there. At 9am, the doors opened and a flood of ladies swarmed in.


By 10:00 am, almost all our stuff was gone! It was amazing. It was a large room, as you can see from the picture. At one point at about 11:00 am, the line to pay wrapped all the way around the outside of the room! People were shoving bargains into their bags so fast! It was definitely the craziest garage sale I have ever been to and I have been to a lot! ALmost everything was gone by noon, so we started to pack it up. Here is the scene at 12:30----no one and nothing was left!


It was such fun! I won't know how much money I made until tomorrow. I can't wait to find out. Next weekend is out scrap retreat in LaConner and we are going to take a drive up to Bellingham to the store that hosted the garage sale and spend out gift certificates. That's how it works. They organize, host and collect the money and then you get a gift certificate for everything you earned to spend on new stuff! I plan on spending it all at one time, since I never get up to the store otherwise. They have some great canvases and things --- so I think I will buy some stuff for interior decorating my new space too! Here is the link to some of their cool canvases:


Then to top off the day, we met at Olive Garden for a surprise birthday celebration for Robyn, a friend from when I worked at the Local Scrapbook Store in Lynnwood. It was so fun to laugh and chat with all the folks I miss so much! It was a great time. So, I feel rejuvenated. Good fun, good food and good friends will do it everytime.

This is Andrea and her sister Pam ---aren't they cute?


And Andrea and Jen

jenandrea 5-7

Today -- David cleaned up the yard and the shed and took a load to the dump. I love the first real nice day after a long winter. It always makes you feel like sprucing up the yard. David is so good about that. It looks great! Still in construction mode, but looking pretty in the back.

Speaking of construction mode--they tell us, that they didn't come to the house all last week because they were ahead of schedule and waiting for the truss company to deliver. I don't know--seems kinda strange. After all, on Thursday, they showed up but only to get some of their equipment. Seems to me like they have another job going on. If we don't see some real progress this week, I guess we will have to start asking questions. I hate that. I just want it done with no drama. I hate drama.

Also went to watch Jordan's soccer game today. It was fun to sit in the bleachers in the sun, listen to David & the boys playing baseball behind me, watch my daugher in the goal, and relax. My favorite sign of pending spring is the sound of the ball hitting an aluminum bat. Baseball--my favorite sign of spring.

What else? ---- Oh yeah. We also went to Deb & Terry's for pizza dinner to celebrate Hannah's 8th birthday. That means that Luke's birthday is right around the corner and we will be in countdown mode soon. 61 more days till my baby is 8. Doesn't seem right. But, it was just over 8 years ago that we moved in to this wonderful neighborhood. God led us right here. Right where we belong.

I found that this weekend showed me a lot of things that I am thankful for:

good neighbors
& family

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wow/// such a fast garage sale.

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