Soccer Sunday's started today!

I know that it is Superbowl Sunday---but it was also soccer Sunday at our house. The first game of the last season Jordan will play with her select team, Allegra. It is definitely bittersweet as we enter the home stretch of her youth playing career. They dominated the other team today, 7-1 and I have to say that I have missed watching her play. It has been so long. With the switch of the season from the fall to February, it has been almost 9 months since she has played a local game that had any importance. She did travel tons with them over the summer, but we were not able to travel with her. I didn't realize how much I love to watch her on the field until today. It just did my mind and heart good to see her out there doing what she loves. She always looks so at ease out there. I am going to try to enjoy each and every game this season and to soak up every minute she is out there doing what she loves. I know she has college soccer in front of her, but that is an unknown for me. Who knows how that will play out and how many games I will get to see. So today, I stayed away from the other parents, and just shot pics of my baby girl, doing what she loves, leading her team, defending her goal. I love that.

Feb 03 2008 053

Feb 03 2008 073

Feb 03 2008 033

Feb 03 2008 031

Of course, there is always a downside--the boys have been drug all over the US watching her play soccer and they were not excited that the season was starting. But, they were troopers and braved the cold (40 degrees) and lasted for most of the game. Here are some fun pics:

Feb 03 2008 027

Feb 03 2008 040

Feb 03 2008 056

In addition, I have some layouts for you--these were done at a crop last weekend - just hanging out playing with some paper that a friend gave me. Just doing what I love for no specific reason.


my boy


peek a boo

the two of us

This was a layout that I did for a challenge over at the Scrap-Diner. The challenge was to scrap your crush---now let me tell you that I think a lot of celebrities are good looking, but I have never had a real crush on anyone - except my husband. I have known him my whole life -well every since I can remember. He is a very special guy, a great husband, and a hell of a father. I can't believe the Lord has provided for me in such a wonderful way. We have been married 21 years but it feels like yesterday because my heart still skips a beat everytime he walks in the room. I love you--you're my crush and you always will be.

my crush

Journaling reads:

I have known you since I was 2 and you played on my brother’s baseball team. You lived across the street and I can’t remember ever not knowing you. As you & my brother became good friends, I saw more and more of you to the point where you were like another brother to me. You were always there to protect me. When exactly it happened I don’t know. In this picture, I was 15 and in my first real relationship. You were 22 and had moved out of the house across the street. I didn’t see you much during these years, but you were always a good friend, always there if I needed you. I look back and know that God had a plan for us, even during those 6 years that I was growing up and you were not around much. We stepped right back into that friendship when I was 20 and in need of a job. You gave me one at your shop and the rest is history. Our love is grounded in that friendship and history and our passion for each other runs deep. You are and always have been my secret crush. I love you.


Sherine said...

Whew, you have been busy!

Love the photos you took. I need to dust off my camera. Is your daughter getting a soccer scholarship, sounds like she is quite the player!

So Many Scraps said...

terrific photos and terrific layouts of course!!!

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