New meds today---

Doctor gave me a new med today to hopefully knock the heartburn out! At this point, I am game for anything. Turns out, we are waiting another few weeks before having the scope test done-which is fine with me! I start the new med tomorrow and I have great expectations. We'll see. She also told me losing a few pounds (like a needed to hear that) would help as well as eating smaller meals, avoiding chocolate and coffee, and sleeping on an empty stomach. Hmmmm--we'll see. She also told me it happens as we get older---since when is 43 older? So, I guess it's time, time to focus, shed a few pounds and get in shape. Wish me luck--or better yet--give me some motivation.

Here is a layout of Luke & Rosa playing Mary & Joseph in the Christmas Play. I love the way Luke is looking at the (doll) baby Jesus. It almost makes me think it is really Jesus in that manger. I love it.

name was jesus

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Robs said...

Gorgeous layout - and PS I just got on Nexium in September and it has CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

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