The love of my life~~~

So, those of you that know me, know that David is my everything. I thought Valentine's Day was a good day to share that with the world--so there you go, my husband is my everything. I can't imagine my life any different. He is so much more than my husband. He is my friend, my comforter, my confidant, my protector-well I could go on and on. I literally can't imagine my life without him. Even after 21 years, I still watch the clock & wait for him to come in the door. It always makes my heart jump a little. I love that. His smile from across the room always makes me smile. We have made it through the baby years with our children and our time together is back on the increase. I so look forward to that time together. I remember when we started having kids, people would give us advice. The advice that turned out to be the best was this:

Never forget what brought you together. Always remember that your kids are going to grow up and leave and you will be left with your spouse. If you are too busy to nurture your marriage, you will be left with nothing and have no connection after the kids go. So remember to spend time together, remember that it is okay to tell your kids that you can't play because you are sitting with your spouse, remember to go on vacation alone occasionally, and remember to make time for romance.

So it turns out that this has worked for us. We are like newlyweds again and we look forward to every minute we have together-even after 21 years. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't all been easy. There were many years when all we could do was get through - just keep putting one foot in front of the other. There were many times when our relationship was strained. There were times when we would have to purposely spend time together even when we felt like we should be doing something else. Time when we forced ourselves to reconnect. But, it was so worth it. It is all so natural now and man am I blessed by that.

So here's to you hon--I love you and you are my everything.

dad2 4-6

Oh & by the way----you are one hell of a father!


jan williams said...

Kim, It is awesome to have that connection with another person.. and I too am in love with my husband going on 19 years and I love him more each passing day!

Anonymous said...

happy Valentines DAY TO BOTH OF YOU.ME

karen (akaliz) said...

so sweet! how lucky you are!

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