Construction update

So--the day started off at 7:15am with a huge truck in our cult de sac and the kids saying, "the trusses are here, the trusses are here!" Almost like we won the lottery!

But that marked the beginning of a buzy construction day, we even had a port a potty delivered. That is definitely the highlight of the construction thus far!

Feb 26 2008 003-1

Then the trusses started being put in place:

Feb 26 2008 008-1

Feb 26 2008 009-1

There is a glitch though---but they assure me it will be taken care of ASAP. The truss side isn't fitting well into the existing pitch. To his credit, David told them this would be a problem, but they said---no, it will be fine! So, we will see!

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Brenna said...

oohh, I'm so excited for you. A whole new part of the house to decorate!

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