As the weekend winds down...

so does our doggy adventure. We got a call from the dog's owner and he is currently on route to pick up "Yoshi". The funny thing is that Yoshi is owned by a husband and wife with no children, but he's been in a household of three energetic boys and myself for basically the whole weekend. And he's been hanging out with some of the neighborhood kids as well. It makes me wonder how he'll act when he gets back to a calmer house. Apparently Yoshi was staying at his owner's mother's house about six blocks from our house and ran away. Oh well, it was fun having a puppy around for a couple days! Farwell Yoshi, it was fun.

My mother's reaction? Well I'm not sure that I'm really one to say. She called the house at eleven pm last night to ask me about it. I think she thought it was funny/amusing, but I don't really know for sure. None-the-less, it is almost over and it'll make for a nice story.

As for the rest of the weekend... Dad lost his poker game last night. Church went well this morning. The boys (Austin and Chase) had auditions for the church play today. Austin was in and out really quick because he was only trying out for one part. Chase on the other hand was in there longer because he was trying out for two different parts. The funny thing is that Austin's best friend is trying out for the same part that Chase did, we'll see how that goes. Well, when Chase arrived Austin's friend asked if he'd practiced the song and Chase replied, "what song?" Little did we know that the part Chase was trying out for required a solo in the audition and so Chase began frantically reading and practicing the song probably 15 minutes before it was his turn to audition. He said it went good so I guess it's up to the leaders from here.

I think that's all from the Holmes' front, hope everyone else is having a good weekend. I can't wait for Mondays (sarcasm).



Anonymous said...

Jordan you are a great bloger for your mom and grandma

Marci Knecht said...

All's well that ends well. I'm sure that Yoshi's family was thankful that such a loving and caring family took him in.

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