As soon as mom leaves...

we have a story to tell. Hi, this is Jordan. My mom told me to blog for her over the weekend while she was gone since she probaly won't have internet conection where she is. Well here's my first post/story.

Literally one hour after dad returned from the dropping mom at the airport Tanner knocked on our door. With puppy in one had he asks, "did you guys get a new dog?" To which we replied, "well, no." And thus begins our epic journey with a lost dog my brothers have now named "Junior". We decide to take a walk around the block to see if there's anyone out looking for the precious ball of fluff. But alas, all we got out of it was our neighbor telling us that his wife had the dog in their backyard and it dug out. And now you all think that this dog is our neighbors', no it's not. Our neighbor found the dog while out on a walk this morning and put it in her yard to keep it safe. It then proceeded to dig a hole under their fence and go disrupt Tanner's game of basketball. Which then leads us full circle back to this:

Feb 09 2008 001

Dad and Austin took it to a local pet "hotel" (if you will) to see if it had a chip in it, but no such luck. No ID tags either. Rather unfortunate, but I do somewhat enjoy having a puppy around again, of course I don't miss cleaning up after them at all though. It's safe to say that this four month old male golden retriever will in fact be staying the night (but definitely not in my room). Here's another picture, the pup was a good picture taker if I do say so, he sat still very well:

Feb 09 2008 005


Marci Knecht said...

Jordan, I'm dying to hear about your Mom's reaction when she finds out you're all "taking care" of the dog.

Anonymous said...

good job jordan

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