10 little known facts about me!

So here you go! This is a challenge over at Dixie Pieces right now! There is an online crop going on and for every challenge you complete you get an entry into a drawing for a great grand prize! So even if you don't have much time--head on over there www.dixiepieces.com and at least do this blog challenge! Your entry could be the lucky one!

1. My last child was born at home
2. I am adopted
3. I have known my husband since I was 2 years old
4. I used to manage a scrapbook store
5. I have an anxiety disorder
6. My credit score is pushing 800
7. I’ve spent a season on an Alaskan fishing boat
8. I have had 5 children by natural childbirth
9. My first car was a tricked out VW Bug
10. I went to a parochial high school


Anonymous said...

interesting facts!

Wendylicious said...

Since you were two years old!? Wow, that's cool!

Urban Scrapbooker said...

I knew about 8 of the 10! Even though some of them I just learned at the recent slumber party/business meeting in cali. Geez, girl, you talk a lot! (grin)

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