Wow - what a day!

I have a love hate relationship with days like this. I love that I get so much accomplished but I hate that it is non-stop and I feel like I am on overdrive. I am still working off my list of things I need to do today, blogging is on my list.

So, I am taking a moment of silence........................whew! A few deep breaths and a little prayer and I feel better already! That is truly the first time I have sat still all day.

Started out this morning - I had to have Austin to the doctor at 8:30am. His sinus infection wasn't even touched by the 14 day antibiotic that they gave him - and I waited another 2 weeks to see if it would just run it's course. But, to no avail, so I took him in today. They gave him a sinus x-ray just to be sure. What we found out is that he has very small sinuses, strange huh? But, that didn't have anything to do with his infection, which was still there and flaming. So now he is on another antibiotic and a nasal spray. I love Dr. Macon--he was so funny today-he had Austin's x-rays on the computer and he was zooming in so the boys could "go up Austin's nose"! They were laughing hysterically. Love good doctors. Thankful for him today.

But that made us late for school so we tried to hurry - and that set the mood for the whole day!

So here I am - with my to do list almost finished! Being in hurry up mode is very productive. Not healthy but productive. Once in a while it works for me!

I'll leave you with this pic of Chase - I mean ELVIS!

Jan 10 2008 016

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Marci Knecht said...

That is a hilarious pic! You're not kidding about this blogging every day thing - you're going great, keep going :)

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