Sunday slowdown---

I had so many good intentions of what I was going to get accomplished today! But this cold has come back in full force and knocked me on my butt! I can't stop sneezing and sniffling and my nose feels like sand paper! I could be the poster child for Kleenex Tissue today. Of course, we don't have any! So, things happened in slow motion for me today.

The day started off in full speed. Up, showered and ready to go by 9 am. Pretty good for a weekend. Then I tuned in to Mars Hill Church online and listened to an online Bible lesson. I figured no one would want me to be sneezing all over them in the sanctuary today. I absolutely love listening to Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill. The lesson I listened to today was from Phillipeans on suffering and how to suffer well. Seems like a strange thing to say, suffer well, but man was he all over it. I had plans to scrap while I listened. Well, the Lord had other plans because I sat there in a trance while I listened, totally entralled. Check it out here: http://www.marshillchurch.org/sermonseries/philippians/week_03.aspx

After that, I was able to get all my layouts for the Scrapbook Oasis January Guest Design Team uploaded to their site. I had such a great time playing with all the fun Scenic Route product they sent me. For those of you that know me, you already know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scenic Route. So needless to say, I enjoyed the product they sent. Check out their site at www.scrapbook-oasis.com . They have a Guest Design Team contest monthly, plenty of great product in the store, a wonderful gallery and fun ladies in the forum. Definately a place to add to your favorites! Here are the layouts I did for their site this month:

close friends

lost in thought

family time copy

gift card holder

Not much happened after that! David has a severe muscle spasm in his shoulder blade and was unable to get around much without pain. So, he laid low. Chase had a couple of friends over for most of the day. They played on the xbox and had nerf wars in the living room. Jordan was in her room painting another masterpiece and Austin & Luke just kind of hung out all day. We ended up with Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner.

I love Sunday's --- cold and all.

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Greta said...

oh girl!! 2 SR junkies is not a good thing!!

I love what you did with all of them...you are amazing..and i still think i am a little smitten with ya ;) u so inspire me...

i'm dragging out the paint for my next layout!! hope it turns out like i have it in my head!!

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