Some snow pics for you -

It's warming up and starting to fall off the trees and melt in the streets, but we are in for another storm tonight. Of course it warms up just in time to freeze so that tomorrow will be a nightmare on the roads. But, for now it's still fun! It was so great-there were four families outside and Joan & Jerry (the neighborhood grandparents) brought out hot chocolate for everyone. It is such a blessing to live in a neighborhood of friends and family. Pete, another neighbor, even drove Jordan to college this morning for me. I love this community.

So here are some pics for you---I took tons of pics that turned out to be on the wrong camera setting and they didn't turn out. Still got a few fun ones. I'm sure Debbie will have some for me from her camera. But for now-here you go:

a group shot:
small group

Jordan making her snowman:
small jordan

Naomi looking as cute as ever:
small naomi

Austin & Chase:
boys small

Major & Naomi:
mall major


Marci Knecht said...

Oh how fun! Enjoy the snow :)

Lynn said...

what fun. i love LOOKING at snow pix. what a good lookin bunch!!!

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