That's my word for the day - not that I have a new word everyday, but that word hits the spot for me today. I was able to visit with my girlfriends last night for a few hours and I am feeling a renewed sense of joy! They are so awesome and uplifting. We all have our own struggles and things going on in our lives, but it seems when we get together there is nothing but pure joy. I love that. We can share our struggles and still leave feeling that life is good. Just want you girls to know - that I need you and I am so encouraged by all of you and the walk you lead in your life. Each of you has a unique gift and you all make me smile and feel happy to be your friend.

Okay-enough sappy stuff. :)

Well, maybe not quite. Any of you that have every been to my house know that I have the coolest picket fence in my dining room! That's right - it's inside in my dining room. I have always had a thing for picket fences but never lived in a home where one was practical. Our dining room has a huge picture window that looks out onto the front porch. I didn't want to cover it with curtains of any kind but I also wanted to limit the visability of the outside world just a little. Hence the picket fence.


I adore my fence. You all know that we are under construction and the thing that keeps getting in the way of my dreams of the remodel is that I will be losing the wall that holds my picket fence. It was really bumming me out and I couldn't think of a solution. But leave it up to David to come up with the perfect solution.

bed frame

This just makes me happy every time I walk in my bedroom. I love that man. He is so sweet. Isn't it cool????

One last picture - an update on the construction. We are ready for the foundation guy to arrive. But, he will not be here for another week. I wonder how perfect those ditches are going to be by the time he arrives? After all, I have 3 boys in the house and I keep finding them playing in them!!

house 1-13

Have a great Sunday! Hope you all have something that brings a smile to your face today!


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NancyJones said...

AWESOMEEEEEEE! what a fabulous idea. LOVE it as a headboard too makes the room so happy! and errr rejuvenated ::giggle::

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