Hey - it's Sunday!

It's been a long, fun week for me. I just finished up with a week long crop over at the Scrap-Diner. We just had a chat and gave away some great participation prizes! It was tons of fun.

But now back to reality--you know where I only get to crop a few hours a week. Back to normal. But, that can be good too! I like normal. It's comforting. Do you know what I mean? Normal and predictable. Well, that is until the construction crew shows up tomorrow. I had a friend remind me that I hadn't really explained just what the construction project was. SO here goes:

We are adding about 750 square feet to our house in the way of a rec-room, entry way, and loft. An art loft! So there will be new roof trusses and everything. So far, we have the concrete foundation poured. It so cool to see where the room will be. Really makes it a reality!

So, it's been pretty mellow around here, can't say that anything noteworthy has happened in the last few days. The biggest surprise came today when Austin told us he doesn't think he wants to play baseball this year. We will be discussing that in full a little later tonight! Needless to say, we were a little shocked.

Jordan's final soccer season starts up next week - it's fun to have a whole different outlook than I've had before. No stress, no pressure, just fun. Since she is already committed to play for Northwest University, there is nothing but fun ahead for her final season. Now, I just pray that there will be no injuries!

Have a great week everyone!

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