Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday's always make me happy! I am usually still on track with my plans for the week but I can also look ahead to the weekend! Today is no different. School is going well, construction is on track and i just had a cup of coffee. Life is good. This weekend there are no major plans - those kinds of weekends just make me happy!

When we left the house this morning at 9am the construction crew wasn't here yet. But by the time we returned at noon, they had pulled all the asphalt up even what was under the huge dumpster! They are still here and have pulled out all 4 posts that held up the carport. It is amazing - there was like 10 feet of concrete holding each post in the ground. They pulled them out like they weighed nothing. My boys are having a very hard time focusing today. Everytime one of the machines starts up they run to the windows. I might just have to take up my neighbor on her offer to do school at her house!

Here is a picture of them trying to move the dumpster with their heavy equipment. He almost tipped over the bobcat. That thrilled my boys!

stage 2

So these guys are the excavators - getting everything up out of the ground, getting it ready for the cement guys to pour the foundation. This is really happening---starting to sink in. Without the carport there, you can really visualize how big the addition is going to be. Praise the Lord - I am so excited.

I also did another layout for the Scrap-Diner last night. I loved this picture of my Grandma with all her daughters. It was taken at Christmas and Grandma looks very happy. SHe is having such a hard time these days that we never take it for granted when we have her at a family function. What made me happiest this day, though, was that all four girls were together and had put aside their differences at least for this day. I love that. My prayer for them is that they can continue to work on their issues because you can not underestimate how important family is. They need each other - we need them and we need them all happy, healthy and together.

family photo

Give your family extra hugs today.


Marci Knecht said...

talk about perfect! Its almost like you told everyone to wear the red sweaters for the photo. I love this!

Sherry said...

LOVE the layout! And I'm excited to hear more about your remodel!

Anonymous said...

I missed these construction photos. Kind of makes me break out in a sweat seeing that dumpster! LOL We have an aerial of our house and there is a dumpster in it...how embarrasing...but it's gone and all that remains is a beautiful yard :)


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