Pottery Barn

Jordan has a Christmas Job at Pottery Barn and man am I lovin the idea of purchasing these trunks for my living room. I have been coveting them for about 6 months now in a deep red distressed look. We are strapped for cash right now, but I am participating in a Microsoft Useability study next week and the money I get from selling my software gratuity would make a good start to saving for them!

Check them out and tell me what you think!


The red is a deep red they call Ming Red. So pretty.

Heard today that Basic Grey put three of my layouts on their website. That's kinda fun. It was pretty easy too - just go to their site and post your layouts made from mostly Basic Grey Product and they notify you if you make it into the gallery. Very simple. Give it a shot - I know you all love Basic Grey!


Joy Madison said...

tres gorgeous!!!

That angel I made for the store ended up on their site last year!

sherry said...

those would be perfect in my living room, too! :) I hope you get them. I fell in love with this last summer: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p7258/index.cfm?pkey=cfurbchcns

My oldest DD found a console table at a used furniture store, she bought it for me, DH and I painted it red, found baskets, and wah la, I have a table. Not as nice, certainly, as PB, but I luv it!

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