Play Day - Sunday

Today was Play Day at Church - the culmination of 3 months of practices - Chase & Luke gave their performances today of their church christmas play, "I WONDER". Of course, they were wonderful! I am a little biased though!

Chase played the Mall Manager who was more interested in making money than spreading the word - totally cynical and so funny!

chase 5-7

Luke Played Joseph during the manger scene and Rosa was his Mary. They were so cute! They tried so hard to be still and look at the baby "Jesus" with "LOVE". They did a great job.

luke rosa 5-7

manger 5-7

What made the day so great was that Grandma Audrey, Sarah, Mike & Travis all joined us at the play to support the boys. I really appreciate the times that we are all together. I understand more now that I used to how important those times are. And how rare.

Everyone came back to our house after and we made fudge and carmel corn together! It was great to have all the help and nice that we all enjoyed the tradition together again this year.

While we were all together, Mike & Sarah shared some photos with us from their road trip up to the mountains. It was perfect timing - as I received my DT kit from Dixie Pieces and it is full of fun snow themed papers! Can't tell you any more than that till January, but just know ---it is one cool kit! (Pun intended!) Thanks Mike & Sarah for some great pics! Here are my favorite:

mike sarah 5-7

sarah 5-7

sarah mike 5-7

frodo 5-7

One more thing: I was tagged with a great blog questionaire --

10 things I did this weekend:
1-Attend the Church Play twice
2-Bake Fudge & Carmel Corn
3-Watch "The Perfect Stranger"
4-Go to my neighbor's Christmas Party
5-Go to a 4 hour crop and only get 1 page done!
6-Plan and prepare my mom's Christmas Present
7-Spend over $500 at Costco
8-Wrap 1/4 of the Christmas presents
9-Order pictures from Costco.com
10-Shave my legs!

9 things on my agenda this week:
1-bake Christmas cookies
2-complete Mom's Christmas present
3-Pay Jordan's tuition
4-Search online for next quarter's college texts
5-Take Jordan & Michelle out to dinner for their birthdays
6-Attend Christmas concert of "The Three Wisemen"
7-Date with David in downtown Seattle
8-Finish School Classes with boys
9-Finish Christmas shopping

8 shows I watched last week:
2-Charlie Brown Christmas
3-Shrek's Christmas
8-Friday Night Lights on the internet

7 things I cooked last week:
1-teriaki chicken
2-steamed veges
4-hot cereal
5-swedish pancakes
6-baked halibut
7-latte??? does that count?

6 things I read this week:
1-sale flyers
2-Scrapbooks etc.
4-Christmas cards

5 reasons to be happy today:
1-feeling healthy
2-Travis & Sarah visited
3-Mom was feeling good
4-Construction is suppose to start tomorrow!
5-Christmas is 9 days away!

4 things I need to buy:
1-Containers to put my carmel corn in
3-Office rings for a project
4-a sofa table

3 people I saw this weekend:

2 things I am thankful for right now:
1-The fire keeping my house toasty
2-My husband

AND 1 more thought:

here's hoping the rest of your Christmas preparations go fast and easy and you get to sit back and enjoy the season for a few days!

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NancyJones said...

that dog is so darn cute! i used to have a little yorkie I miss them. had 2 of them. LOVE Your list also chicky!!

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