New Year Resolutions~

I've been challenged to blog about my New Year Resolutions. Well, this will be a little tough for me because I don't officially make any. I'm the type of person who believes "no expectations, no disappointments". Now I'm not naive enough to believe that this works 100% of the time, and I in no way have my expectations under control. But, I do try not to add any additional expectations to the ones I struggle with on a daily basis! So, with that in mind, I will make an attempt to tell you the things I would love to accomplish next year--not really changes--more like goals--things that I add to my prayer list.

1-Keep the remodeling project on track. The contractor should be done by April and then the finish work inside will be our responsibility. My goal is to continue to work away at it at a steady pace. I know that money will be an issue, so if we can do a little at a time, that will be perfect. What I'm praying for is the time, money and patience to keep chipping away at it by paying in cash and avoid the temptation to complete it fast by charging it to plastic.

2-Finish the school year strong. As a homeschool mom, I tend to be "done" by the end of April. I need to focus all the way to June. My prayer is to finish steady and strong just like we have started.

3-Find the time for family. I need to make sure that I don't say "yes" to too many projects so that I have time for family. This includes my extended family. More parties, more dinners - more just plain old visiting is in order this year. People are changing and growing apart in our family right now - I need to make an effort to keep them together.

4-Get healthy. This is a typical one, I know. This is probably the only one that feels like a resolution. I need to find the time for me. The time for me to do something just for me. For my health. This includes (but is not limited to) time for praying, reading the Word, getting to the gym, really relaxing, spending time with David, scrapbooking, watching funny movies, laughing with my kids, etc. You know, all those things that reduce stress and make me smile.

5-Learn. I want to learn something new this year. I'm not even sure what that is, just something new. Maybe my kids can teach me something. So, maybe my prayer is that I would listen to my kids, really listen to them more often.

6-Keep my finances in order. This one has always been easy till this year. WHen we were on a more limited budget, I never seemed to have financial issues. But, since David started making more money, we seem to constantly be without cash when we need it the most. I need to get this back on track.I need to remember that doing without can be a challenge but it can also be a blessing.

I know there are more, but for now, I'm done. Remember, that too many expectations will be a set-up for disappointment. Set your sights at a reasonable level.


Melita said...

Great goals Kim. I think we all struggle with most of your goals too. Good luck to you.

janet said...

I think they are all great goals Kim! I feel the same as you do about resolutions but I like to have goals in mind for the New Year! Good luck!! Have a wonderful New Year!
(Love that family picture!)

Robs said...

Awesome job - Great goals for 2008!!

Suzanne said...

Great goals! Good Luck! :)

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