Happy Birthday Jordan!

Happy Birthday to you -

Happy Birthday to you-

Happy Birthday to Jordan-

Happy Birthday to you!

My baby girl is 17 today! Amazing. I know everyone says time flies, but you don't really feel it until your babies are grown up. It's funny the memories that stand out to me when I think back.
----Putting her hair in rags for Christmas. So darn cute.
----Cutting her hair short the very next year because she hated to have it combed.
----Sewing all those cute outfits for her - stretch pants and t-shirts.
----What a great big sister she was when Austin was born (she still is!)
----Always so determined. Learned to ride a two wheeler at 3 because her brother did (he was 5). She cried and cried but wouldn't stop until she made it all the way down the street and back. Then she got off the bike and said, "Now, I'm done."
----At four, she would run and trip all the time - until we put a soccer ball at her feet. That was all it took-man did she tear it up on the soccer pitch.
----Watching her learn about the Lord - she was always so amazed at what he did for her. Still is.
----So stinking smart--always was one step ahead of me both in school and at home.

There are so many more.....Watching her grown up has been a wonderful adventure. I can't wait to find out what the future holds for her - and I hope I don't miss one minute of it. I love you, Jordan!

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Brenna said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!

p.s. Cute button jar in the background!

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