Flood Waters

Hey all - just a quick note to share the latest weather watch! It has rained hard for 20 hours straight with no end in site for 2-3 days. My husband and kids are currently at the city lot filling up sand bags in hopes that we can prevent the creek (okay raging river) waters from entering our house. In 9 years, it has never been this bad - so pray for us!

Here is a picture taken last summer and another taken this morning of the same part of our yard.



The good news is that the river water is still moving which means there is still room for the water in the Lake and in the overflow areas. But another 10 feet and we will have standing water in our laundry room, my scrap room and my living room which are on a slab with no crawl space underneath. The rest of the house is 3 feet up with a crawl space ans should be just fine.

Everything will be fine - because we can handle anything but it is still stressful!

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