Flood Update -

Travis, David, Paul, Austin & Terry went and got another load of sand bags. While they were gone, the city guy showed up and gave me some hints on how to build the wall stronger and then he called the truck and they dumped a whole truck load of sand in the cultdesac for us. So then we all pitched in and filled a bunch of bags. We now have them spanning the legnth of the creek in our back yard. However, the city guy said the golf course can only handle 6 more inches of rain capacity before it heads back our way and creates a lake. So currently our prayer is that the rain slows down and the golf course can handle the overflow from the lake. There are some homes with lower levels that are experiencing backed up sewer systems - that is so much yuckier~!

It is amazing how everyone pulls together in times like this. Jimmy & Kenny came down to help Grandma Audrey, the elderly neighbor next store made a huge pot of spaghetti and has a roast cooking for all the people working, and the kids made hot chocolate. You gotta love that.

Here is a pic from a few hours ago:



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