Christmas Recap!

Well, the holidays were quite an adventure once again! This year, David came down with the stomach flu literally as we were walking out the door Christmas Eve to go to the party. So, he crawled into bed and off I went with 9 kids in toe. Okay, to be honest only 3 were kids, the others are my older children and their significant others. This was the first time in 22 years that I have attended the Christmas Eve celebration without David. I really missed him as did the other "dads" at the party. However, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me. Because my expectations were significantly lowered or virtually non-existant, there was no disappointments for me. I enjoyed the whole night for what it was and loved every minute I spent with my kids. I didn't miss anything and wasn't worried about serving the food or handing out the presents. We just took it all in stride and everything went off without a hitch.

Here are some of my favorite pics from the night:

This is me and my youngest:
IMG_4888 024

This is me and my oldest:
travis me 5-7

This is me, Michelle (Travis' girl) and Luke:
luke michelleme 5-7

Travis & Luke hanging together:
travis-luke 5-7

The little ones singing happy birthday to JESUS:
hb jesus

This is my 90ish year old Grandmother with her 4 daughters:
sisters 5-7

This is Sarah & Frodo:

Travis & Grandma:
grandma travis 5-7

My absolute favorite --the group Santa shot:

Once again, Santa was amazing. I can't believe we have had the blessing of Ed playing Santa for over 30 years! He is still the best looking Santa I know. He is the ultimate example of selflessness. He "plays" Santa over 50 times a year and refuses to take any form of payment. If you try, he will tell you to make a donation to your favorite charity. He is known as Santa to the small community of Granite Falls in WA and he is the son of my Grandmother's friend Bobby. They have been part of our "family" for as long as I can remember. We love you-ED!

Grandma Audrey:
grandma santa 5-7

chase santa 5-7

luke santa 5-7

jordan santa 5-7

Jesse (Jordan's boyfriend):
jesse santa

travis santa 5-7

Michelle (Travis' girlfriend):
michelle santa

sarah santa

Mike (Sarah's fiance):
mike santa

austin santa 5-7

Yes, there isn't one of me. I was not going to take one without my hubby. I have 20 years of Santa pics with him, and I wasn't doing it alone!

After the party, the kids all came back to the house and we played Scene it-the Harry Potter edition. That didn't work though because the team that went first won and the other team never even got a chance --my kids know too much about Harry Potter! After that we tried the Disney version. That was a much better game. Then we all opened new pajamas and crawled into our sleeping bags in the living room and lights were out by 11pm! It was so much fun to have everyone home. With a couple kids living on their own, I just didn't know what to expect this Christmas. But, the tradition of sleeping under the tree held strong and they came home with their significant others to keep the tradition alive. It was the best Christmas present they could have given me. I love you guys.

Here are a few of them in their bags:

David was still in bed Christmas morning--which is when we missed him the most. But, we got through and opened all the presents. From what I could tell, everyone was thrilled and blessed by what they received. It was especially fun to watch them open their gift exchange from each other. They draw names and do their own personal shopping and wrapping. It's lots of fun. They all pitched in and bought me a new duvet cover that I was coveting from Pottery Barn. I love it. Jordan used her discount and I am so excited. David is going to paint my bedroom tomorrow and then I will take a picture to share it with you!

And to top it off, the Lord blessed us with a dusting of snow on Christmas afternoon.

Absolutely Perfect! I hope yours was too!

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Marci Knecht said...

I'm envious that you had such a wonderful evening. It looks like so much fun! What a great family you have.

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